Yogurt Honey Popsicles

This is a long overdue post but I hope you’ll forgive me because I have a really good excuse. About two weeks ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning with an obsessive thought about popsicle molds. I mean, it’s only about a billion degrees outside and I woke up sweating and with the realization that, HELLO!, its August and I havent had any ice cream this season (before you start thinking I’ve been living under a rock, please remember that, for months and until recently, I had no dairy whatsoever).

So on our way to see my grandma, my brother, Ognen and I took a rather elaborate detour in order to get some popsicle molds, like, right now, before the world ends. That, turned out, was the easy part. Because what ensued later that day (and the next one and the one after that) was deciding what kind of popsicle to make as the food sites and blogs the world over seem to be in some full-on popsicle madness. After much thought (and a long list of bookmarked  recipes with notes ‘also try‘) I settled on this version from Leites Culinaria, mostly because it uses yogurt and also because they looked really pretty in the photo. And so one ridiculously hot night, after the baby finally fell asleep, I set out to make these (instead of, you know, sleeping or something). Only to realize that the only kind of sugar we had at home was dark brick-like muscovado. Eh, I thought, no biggie.

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